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A brief mention of Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard in the Toledo Blade!

Since 2008, the Center for Innovative Food Technology and the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation have sponsored the annual Ohio Signature Food Contest, an opportunity for entrepreneurs who have a great recipe and a big dream to take their food products to market. … Kathleen Hanover of Dayton won for her Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard, described as a “savory, artisanal” condiment…”

Entries were judged on the product’s potential customer appeal, viability of the business vision, potential for success, and the entrant’s commitment to the project. Ms. Hanover and Mr. Fried will each receive a year of business consulting from CIFT to help in developing their products for the retail marketplace. Their recipes will be produced at the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen in Bowling Green, a licensed commercial facility.