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We sent samples of the Whiskey Mustard, our next product prototype (Rye Ketchup); and some of our limited-time exclusive whiskey-drenched Christmas jams & jelly to several folks for their feedback, and it’s staring to roll in! Here’s the latest review from dear friends up north.

Displaying a feral lack of control we opened four of your lovely jars last night and jackson pollocked the following meal:
Whiskey Mustard Meets Lamb Chops

Whiskey Mustard Meets Lamb Chops, Whiskey Cider Jelly Meets Yogurt

“Your ‘tard is a must” ~ actual quote from the lamb steak as it emerged from the pan.  
What were the details of the arm wrestle, fist fight, pistol dual that decided the ketchup vs mustard as your #1 sauce?  Surely an Upanishad style epic.  Shoestring fries skinned themselves and flung their naked whiteness through the blades of the mandolin to be allowed to curtsy in that crimson nectar.
Should I tell you how your cider jelly deflowered a pot of greek yoghurt?  Probably the nuances of that romance would never succumb to words.  
Balls!  What great shit.