So a couple of days ago on Facebook, we teased you with an outlandish photo of the best wings I’ve ever had. Then because of things and reasons, we couldn’t get back to the website to post the recipe. Well, here it is! And yes, it’s kind of cruel to tease you with something you absolutely can’t buy yet, but that’s kind of how we are.

That’s it. One part Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard, one part honey, one part Frank’s Hot Sauce. Clean and trim about 16 wings, throw them on a medium grill (about 300 degrees closed), and baste them with the concoction. Flip ’em after about 6 minutes. Baste the other side. Grill for about 6 minutes on that side. Keep flipping and basting until they’re charred to your satisfaction and the juices run clear (this will depend on the size of your wings.)

I’d tell you to arrange them artfully on a seasonally-appropriate serving platter and add to your tablescape, but I’m not gonna lie. These mustardy, sweetly hot wings made it into a stainless steel transport bowl, and into the kitchen, where hubby and I ate every last one of them, standing up in front of the sink, moaning.

Here are some before-and-after photos, taken approximately five minutes apart.

Tiki Hot Wings with Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard Grilling Recipe

Tiki Hot Wings, fresh off the grill.

Tiki Hot Wings with Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard - After

Five minutes later.