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Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard’s first retailer will, of course, be Indian Creek Distillery. [Please see the FAQ for more details on this change.] We also have a handshake deal with a retail store attached to a whiskey bar & restaurant. And today, we heard from one of the region’s largest beer, wine and liquor retailers, and they’re eager to put our product on the shelves!

We spoke to our contact at the Center for Innovative Food technologies, and we’ll be meeting with them this week to get our production process started. Our goal is to have the mustard on store shelves in time for this year’s Christmas shopping season. Please stay tuned to the blog for regular updates.

Where would you like to see Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard? Are you a gourmet food retailer, restaurant, or liquor store buyer? We’d love to talk to you. Please use the contact form to get in touch!