Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard almost didn’t happen. Our plans to take the product to market went up in flames back in April…but thanks to the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and the Center for Innovative Food Technology, we’re rising from the ashes! Thank you to the Farm Bureau for covering our journey in their Our Ohio bimonthly magazine.

Standing before a group of “culinary Shark Tank” judges, Kathleen Hanover reflected for a moment about what it took for her to get here. She was competing as a finalist in the Ohio Signature Food Contest sponsored by the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) and Ohio Farm Bureau. Her husband, Kaden Harris, had helped create their whiskey mustard recipe but was stuck at home overseeing the contractors fixing up their property after an arson fire.

Looking back on that day, Hanover laughs at how she and her husband scrambled to make samples of their mustard for the judges. They had been staying in an extended stay hotel and couldn’t use the kitchen at their house because it had been heavily damaged in the fire. Instead they cooked up their recipe in a “Barbie size” hotel kitchenette.

Hanover is still in awe that their Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard was a co-winner in the contest, which will help the Dayton couple fulfill their dream of commercially producing their mustard.

“I’m amazed at the complete irony that people without a kitchen were a winner in this contest,” she said.

The story of how they created the contest-winning recipe is full of history, humor and challenges.

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