Thank you to Eric Spangler and The Dayton Magazine for a wonderful article in the February/March issue!

Kathleen Hanover admits she’s not a mustard person. And, to be honest, she’s not much of a whiskey person either.

So how is it that she and her husband, Kaden Harris, developed a whiskey-infused, whole-grain mustard that won the 2016 Ohio Signature Food Contest sponsored by the Center for Innovative Food Technology and the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation?

They did it with a lot of love. And tenacity.

Hanover says she and Harris love to cook together. “That’s kind of our recreational activity that we do together,” she says. “We’ve always kind of made our own ketchup, we make our own mayonnaise, pickles, mustard, jelly and jam and all kinds of stuff. So we’re very kind of artsy and crafty in the kitchen,” says Hanover.


Actually, now that I’ve had occasion to taste a LOT more whiskey, I have developed an appreciation for the good stuff. I still don’t like the mass-produced hooch that my dear husband refers to as “tanker bourbon,” but some fine Ohio craft-distilled corn whiskey in an Old Fashioned? Hell, yeah.

But honestly, I’m still a ketchup person.  😉

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