As I’ve shared, getting a new product to market can be an arduous and time-consuming task. While we’ve been waiting for the food scientist to analyze Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard, our resident improvisational fabricator, Kaden, has been making ketchup with Indian Creek Distillery’s Elias Staley brand of un-aged rye whiskey.

Un-aged rye was a revelation to me when we first tasted it back in February. Not a big whiskey fan to begin with, I was expecting a “moonshine” experience — a burning, tongue-numbing, astringency that I associate with “new” spirits. Boy, was I wrong! Elias Staley, right out of the still, is a gloriously, velvety-smooth spirit, and my favorite whiskey ever. And it’s FABULOUS in ketchup. Yes, we went there. Whiskey-infused ketchup.

Ketchup has a storied history as a condiment. Today we know it as a tomato-based product, but there are also mushroom-based ketchups, and concoctions built from walnuts, apples, and even cucumbers. Indian Creek Corn Whiskey Ketchup has a bit of a “throwback” flavor profile that hearkens back to its Malaysian roots, but with the fresh tomato flavor we’re used to in North America.

Once Dayton Comestibles Corn Whiskey Mustard is paying its way (and we know what we’re doing) we’ll repeat the process with the ketchup. In the mean time, we’ve become quite addicted to it ourselves! Our latest batch is nearly gone, having ended up in the hands of numerous friends and family members all over Ohio. — Kathleen